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SBIOA Publications

A Guide to Day today Banking January 2016 edition.

Rs.750/- plus postage Rs.100, Total Rs.850/-.

Remit money in account number 10885933739 SBIOACC Book Account and send SMS to 9445000805.


SBIOA Publications


1.            An Introduction to Transactional Analysis

2.            Easy Reference to Discipline and Appeal Rules of SBI Officers' Service Rules

3.            Disciplinary Proceedings and Domestic Enquiries

4.            Struggles and achievements

5.            A Guide to Day to Day Banking

6.            Service Conditions of SBI Officers

7.            Superannuation Benefits and Death Relief to SBI Officers

8.            Handbook on SIB Lending

9.            How to be an Effective Field Officer

10.          Socio–Economic Programme on Co-operative Efforts

11.          Analysis of Financial Statements

12.          Gateway to Promotion

13.          Stepping Stone to Promotion

14.          One Point Reference Book for Retired Officers

15.          Growth and Development for Leadership Effectiveness

16.          Contribution of Tamil Nadu in Indian Trade Union Movement.

17.          Hindi version of the above book–भारतीय ट्रड युनियन मे तमिल नाडु का योगदान

18.          Technical Glossary

19.          Pechchu Mozhi Hindi Sorkalanchiyam– compilation of conversational Hindi terms with Tamil meaning.

20.          Conversational Hindi Word Finder

21.            Do Tarfaa rastaa

22.          In the Area of co-operation, What can a Trade Union Do?

23.          Socio-Economic Programme on Co-op efforts

24.          White collar Workers' International Solidarity through FIET

25.          Understanding Performance Appraisal

26.          International Trade Union Movement

27.            Introducing Ourselves

28.            You Should Know

29.          A Nation in Agony

30.          எது கருப்புப் பணம் யார் குற்றவாளி


CDs: Conversational Hindi/ English/Tamil.