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SBIOA Co-operative Thrift & Credit Society

The Association promoted a credit society in 1975 to meet the credit needs of the officers and registered under Multi State Co-operative Societies Act. Our society is one of the top leading multi state co-operative society in india.   It serves more than 1500 members.  The Society promotes and develops the habit of thrift amongst its members.  For the first time a lady member has been elected as Vice President of our Thrift & Credit Society.  The Society is 40 years old  and has always been treated as ‘A’ Class Society by the registrar of Co-operative Society. The society has declared a dividend of 10.25%.  Society has done a remarkable achievement by announcing sanction of Rs.1,00,000/ as flood loan with simple interest at 5%pa.  

President          :     Balaji R

Vice President  :    Santhi S

Directors           :   Muralidharan M

                               Rajaram K

                               Prakash S

                              Tamilvendhan S                               

                              Sundararaman M

                              Ravikumar J

                              Nallaperumal Pillai

                              Paulraj A

                              Sumathi S


Secretary             Venugopal  V