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Home Article

During the year 1966 the Federation and the Circle Associations exerted an enormous amount of pressure on the management through a series of protest action and created public awareness on the pitiable working conditions of officers, and the labour Ministry of Government of India invited the Federation office-bearers for hearing their case. Following that the first bipartite was held. The heroic struggle of 1969 was the culmination of agitations / protest action during 1967 and 1968 on many of the pending issues. The agitation of 1969 incidentally exploded the myth of individual accountability for participation in collective action. In fact this significant event in the history of Officers’ Union Movement is largely responsible for kindling the militancy of our members which in turn broke loose the yoke of unilateralism in the Industrial Relations Machinery of the banking industry. Subsequent struggles of the Federation achieved among other things:

  1. Recognition of Federation / Association as sole Bargaining Agent. Formation of Central / Circle Negotiation Councils. Formulation of grievance and disciplinary procedures, structured meetings etc.
  2. Abolition of Grades in Head Cashiers; removal of vicarious responsibility of Payment of guarantee insurance by Head Cashiers.
  3. Discontinuation of contribution to Pension Fund by members.
  4. Grade Merger and entry point at lowest grade.
  5. Introduction of fair placement policy.
  6. Right to defend a colleague following the principles of Natural Justice.
  7. Relaxation of Leave Rules / Improvement in working hours.
  8. Sick Leave / Casual Leave facility to Officers.
  9. Medical Aid facilities extended to Officers' families.
  10. Many allowances
  11. Fair Promotion policy
  12. Welfare Measures
  13. Wage revision through Bipartite settlement
  14. Anywhere Lease
  15. Servant allowance
  16. News papers
  17. Entertainment Expenses
  18. Transfer Policy
  19. Silver Jubilee Award
  20. Furniture
  21. Cleansing Materials
  22. Brief case
  23. Permanent Transfer allowance
  24. Group Insurance
  25. Concessional rate of Interest for loans etc.

Many of the outstanding issues were settled and finalized at Federation Level including the acceptance of officers' representation in Central Board of Directors. The role of Circle Associations have become the role of a watchdog on the implementation of the agreed policies and protection of the members' rights and privileges. Ever alert and vigilant, our Circle Association has acquired expertise during the course of many years, in processing the problems of our members. Modern management techniques are being tried to handle the grievances of members and long term planning and organizational methods and systems are used for further growth.