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Our Pledge

With such strong pillars of diversified activities around, our Association – the edifice has during the last 49 years acquired a status and strength not even dreamt of by the pioneers of the Officers’ movement.  The Trade Unions are crucial to the well being of workers to take care of their families and to involve them in National development.  We have inherited a great legacy.  Now, it is the responsibility of the members of this great Association to preserve it, add our contributions and to pass it on to the future generation.  Let us, therefore, instead of resting on our laurels, march forward with renewed strength and revived vigour.  For, we have promises to keep and pledges to redeem.  We have to fight against fragmentation of Trade Unions and strive for consolidation of the Trade Union Movement to protect workers’ interest.  Active involvement of every member of the movement is necessary for further growth of our organization.  The protection of human rights gives us protection of Trade Union and political rights.  “The Road ahead is long, rugged, tortuous and difficult.  But we will not be deterred.  United and undaunted we march forward to realize the Trade Union objectives:

No Rest, No Haste, Onward for Ever: 
Consolidate Your gains of yester years
And forge ahead for a dynamic future.