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 “So long as you are ready to die for your Country, the life of our Country is immortal” - Mazzini

SBIOA- The Saviour and Protector of the Supervising and Managerial staff viz, officers of the State Bank of India was formed in 1965.  It gave the officers freedom of association / assembly and expression under the rule of law, the indestructible building blocks of Trade Union Movement.  Earlier the officers were sandwiched between the inhuman management and militant subordinates.  The problems confronted by officers were loss of identity and dignity both as individual officials and as a group; they were groaning under frustration and indignities, increasing responsibilities, more volume of work, unlimited hours of work, less and less leisure hours, inability to fulfill family and social obligations, falling standard of living due to retrograde compensation system, eroding wage differentials between themselves and their subordinates, and host of other inequities which made life miserable.  There was no incentive to take higher responsibilities.  A feeling of alienation / helplessness was looming large in the face of draconian, stringent and straightjacket service / conduct rules and regulations.  The lack of opportunity for professional advancements, absence of job security, punitive action without any right of appeal and denial of principles of natural justice were the sum and substance of the sufferings of officers.  The “Master & Servant” relationship and the management’s power to “hire and fire” even after the nationalization of State Bank of India in 1955 greatly demoralized officers.